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Update: We've taken down the demo as it was very out of date. We will be launching the beta soon.
To sign up visit www.nekropants.com/hauntedgarage


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NOOO :[ pls make a demo



I was looking forward to this game SO MUCH!!!



Beta reservation link doesn't work.  Goes to placeholder text.


Just saw this on the indie showcase and it looks fantastic.

Thanks mfelps, you can sign up on our website and we'll let you know when the beta is ready :)


i love the game, when figured out what i was doing, it made me quite happy. oh and a detail that made me happier; you can hear the music outside of the room, thats a really cool touch. thank you for this little gem.


Awesome game! Instruments look really interesting and good, but music is kinda same whatever buttons you push. Changing scales, modes and bpm would make this game more interesting and cool. That way players could intuitively change the mood of the song without any needed knowledge and feel more creative.


This is really super cool! I don't know if this is a bug, but I was able to bring the first instrument (the one that connects to the door) back through the door into the forest area. And now that instrument seems to be lost I think.


love the game its truly unique in the way it presents its music but i am confused with what i do with the clock looking think that´s not an instrument  


never mind i figured it out 


How to use it?


I really like the concept.. keep at it!

I also liked the DO NOT PRESS button turning off all your machines, It's like "hey, that could have been worse, don't do it again."


Totally brilliant! 100/100 for uniqueness!! 

Ability to save your "music place" and send it to friends :)

Keep it up, awesome on ipad.. think apple would like it :)

Thanks! We're working on a recording unit! It should be in soon.
It would be a dream to work with apple ✨

i dont know what to do with the giant thing that looks like a piano. its the second instrument.

Press the pegs (and switch it on)

omg I loved this

Awesome !


Love this! *chef's kiss*

this is very very cool, is there anything after that gallop thing?

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That's the last one for now. Working on new instruments!

love the art style , it was the first thing that catch my eyes.


glad you expanded on this! the world needs more music toys :)

Thanks Friend-chip. Where did you see it before?

I'm quite sure, but I do remember seeing the building part without any of the exploration outside


Cool game even from game-play perspective.Love the fact you can pan the camera plus the nice instruments to play plus placing objects in the room. Maybe you could have made a puzzle by panning the camera and trying to fit a ball trough a maze.:)

Great game i thoroughly enjoyed it yet there are a few audio glitches i would Love to see this go further, it is amazing


Thanks Leo :D  Yeah the web version struggles with the audio. The standalone runs better, but its definitely a technical hurdle to overcome.


this was very cool. i loved the feeling of something really wonderful coming together and the anticipation of what the next strange instrument would be. would appreciate being able to set snare and kick semiquavers as well as quavers but maybe that's too much complexity


Thanks phendra, definitely looking forward to adding more complexity to the drum machines, just have't figure out the best way to do that. I think the next thing I want to try is being able to chain drum machines together to get longer sequences.


This is lovely, the musical devices are weird and fun to play around it. Really nice work. :)

Ahh first lets play! Thanks you. Loved the character voice :D! Thanks for saying what you'd like to see more of at the end, very helpful.
Also very good thumbnail 👌

Hehe, glad you liked it. And I do want to see more... and find out what that hidden head does. :)